Our Vision

We've been in the wedding industry for 31+ years, and have probably experienced it, or have a knowledgeable answer to your "what ifs..."

Kim Horn, MWP
Master Wedding Planner | 1 of 75 in the World
President | Publisher  
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Receive Expert Wedding Advice  

Week 1 Creating Your Wedding Budget

Who's paying for what, and communicate up front, and often.

Week 2 Listing Your Priorities

Select your top 3 priorities for
"must have" at your wedding, and have your fiance do the same.

Week 3 Hiring a Wedding Planner & Get Inspired

Hiring an expert wedding planner will help with your priorities, inspirations, and implementing  your plans.

Week 4 Creating & Organizing Your Guest List

Start a Google Drive spreadsheet to get, and keep organized.

Week 5 Selecting Your Wedding Date

Having flexibility on a wedding date helps your budget.

Week 6 Interviewing & Hiring Wedding Vendors

Which vendors are reliable, reputable, and work within your budget?

Next Step

Hire Kim Horn, Master Wedding Planner (1 of 75 in the World) for one-on-one expert advice to help you visualize and have your wedding your way.