How much is a wedding planner, and do you travel?

Pricing varies depending on the wedding planning service level you choose: "full service," "day of," and "hourly." Request pricing now. We travel worldwide.

Contact us now to learn more about pricing.

There's a wedding planner included in our package at the venue, why would we need you as a wedding planner?

As your wedding planner, we are paid by you, and negotiate/plan /design/organize/mediate for you, in your best interests. The wedding planner at the venue is paid by the venue, and works in the venue's best interests.

What makes you different from other wedding planners?

As a Master Wedding Planner, (1 of 75 in the World), and planning weddings and events for 31+ years worldwide full time (versus a hobby, or for a friend's wedding), have been on site for weddings to save you time and reduce problems by customizing your wedding blueprint.

May I use my own vendors?

Yes, you may use your own vendors, yet recommend your vendors be licensed, and insured within the state or country of your event. We also have preferred vendors to recommend who are reliable, reputable, and professional.

How did you become a Master Wedding Planner?

Master Wedding Planners are appointed one time a year with proof of levels of: 1).  Experience; 2). Leadership; 3). Continuing Education; 4). Philanthropy; and 5). Contributions to the Industry . From all the events planned, had to select and present one event to a panel of Master Wedding Planner peers which were reviewed, judged, and voted on for approval.