Postponing Your Wedding? Let your parents know first.

Posted on
May 6, 2020

POSTPONING YOUR WEDDING? Know you have spent immense time planning, and it's emotional and exhausting, yet it is better to postpone than to cancel. Financially, you will be less likely to lose money from your non-refundable retainers with your vendors by postponing and rescheduling versus cancelling. Whether it's a global pandemic like COVID-19, or a family emergency, or something else out of your control, know your stressed, yet you need to communicate with your family, vendors, wedding party, and friends as soon as possible.


COMMUNICATE WITH PARENTS & VIPs FIRST - Discuss the postponement with your parents and anyone offering financial assistance first, prior to them hearing this from someone else. When you reschedule the wedding date, they will need to be involved with input for the new wedding date . With your wedding date changing, this may change your budget too.

WEDDING VENDORS & WEDDING PARTY NEXT - Call, e-mail, or text your wedding vendors and wedding party to let them know of your postponement and possible rescheduled date choices to see if they are available. You may delegate to recruit help from responsible family members or your maid of honor and best man if you've got too much on your plate right now. Your wedding planner may also be able to assist.

FAMILY & FRIENDS NEXT - Call, e-mail, or text your family and friends with positive outlooks on why you need to postpone, so they may reschedule their travel plans and calendar.

UPDATE YOUR WEDDING WEBSITE On your homepage, put your postponement plans, and update your new date with hotel information as you rework details.


  • We're changing our date so we may celebrate safely.
  • We're changing our date due to an illness in our family.
  • Save our new date, (new date)

STAY CALM AND CARRY ON You'll be marrying your partner surrounded by your family and friends when you feel safe and happy, and with everything you've been through, it will be so much better.

Posted on
May 6, 2020