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November 28, 2014

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Proposing over the holidays? Make this a one-of-a-kind marriage proposal!

ASK PERMISSION FROM HER PARENTS.  Start your journey on the right foot by being respectful and asking her parents for her hand in marriage. They may have some opinions on the perfect proposal too.

ENGAGEMENT RING.  An engagement ring, just like the marriage, is a lifetime commitment. She will be wearing this daily, and may want a say in the final selection. Find this out, since it will be part of her everyday routines. You may want to “window shop for rings” with her, since you obviously have talked about marriage. Her mom may be able to aid you in suggestions for the ring too, and possibly her best friend. Just make sure they know this is a surprise!  Christopher Diamonds, in Chandler, AZ, is my FAVORITE jeweler.  Family owned and operated, as for Chris, and let him know Kim Horn personally sent you!

ELEMENT OF SURPRISE Many ladies may “expect” this as a holiday gift or as a birthday gift, so always recommend doing something which is UNEXPECTED for the element of surprise!  You could make it an early holiday or early birthday gift so she doesn’t expect it to happen at that time or location!

LET HER KNOW WHY.  Don’t just ask her to marry you, let her know WHY she is the one for you. Ladies LOVE reasons, right!  Write down a list of reasons WHY she is the one (keep it for later in case you need it for your wedding vows too!) Edit your wording, and make it flow. Recite it often, so it rolls off the tip of your tongue versus being choppy.

MAKE HER WORK FOR IT.  Leave her clues.  When she comes home from work on a Monday (vs. Friday), leave an envelope taped to her door or a place where she will look for a note, and mention letter #1 “This is the beginning of a series of clues that will end in a life-changing event.”  Make sure letter #1 has a huge M on it.  Tape an envelope and mention letter #2 (which haw a huge A on it), “Where and how did this all begin?”   Describe in a few sentences how you knew she was the one for you.  Tape an envelope and mention letter #3 and make sure this has a huge R on it.  Talk in this note about the joys of living together, and coming home to her everyday.  You will need at least 7 envelopes which spell out MARRY ME?  Leave clues hidden throughout the house, her car, her office, her bathroom, you know where she frequents often, and doesn’t expect it!  For the E, make sure you are there to have THE RING, the music, the lighting, and to be able to whisk her into your arms with excitement of what is the next step of your lives together!

HOLIDAY or BIRTHDAY.  Every lady expects a ring in a ring box. Why not surprise her with a larger box, with tons of tissue paper, and have a smaller box in it with the ring box.

FIRST DATE.  Take her back to where it all began with your first date. You may want to practice your lines, and include something like, “We have had an amazing journey to get this far. To continue our journey down the right path, feel the next step is asking you if you will you give me the honor of becoming my wife and agreeing to marry me?”

DINNER, LUNCH, BRUNCH, or BREAKFAST.  Take her out to eat at her favorite restaurant, and call ahead for reservations. Let the manager know you will be coming in for a special celebration, and what would/could the server do to help with “closing the deal.” Think of a special prop – for instance, if she loves Disney and Cinderella, how about the ring being delivered on a pillow with a glass slipper brought out as part of her dessert. DO NOT have the ring in food, or in a beverage, since the last thing you want is for her to swallow the ring, or to have to get food out of the diamond! Find out if the chef does writing in chocolate, would be great to have a proposal written on a plate as her dessert is served. Try to have a private moment for just you and her vs. a room full of people.

SCAVENGER HUNT.  Come up with some simple clues to start with, then get the clues progressively more difficult. The final location is the “final destination” where the engagement ring is, then pop the question.

JIG SAW PUZZLE.  Get a photo of you with a sign, “Will you marry me?” offers you a way to get your digital photo downloaded online, and select the size, number of pieces, and remember to ADD time for shipping to get your finished puzzle.

WRITE YOUR PROPOSAL.  Write “Will you marry me?” on the bathroom mirror before she gets out of the shower in her favorite color of lipstick. Take a photo of you with a sign “Will you marry me?” and text it to her, something she would not expect.

PLAN A SURPRISE TRIP.  Make sure she knows what to pack, yet NOT where you are going. At your final destination, think of a creative way to “pop the question.” This could be at the top of a mountain you hike – let her know you are breathless without her, or she takes your breath away.

RECORD IT.  Have someone videotape this from afar, or capture the look on her face when she gets asked. This is something she will review often, and possibly share with your children (if you choose to have children).

MEANS TO THE END.  Whatever your method, remember your mission is for this to be remembered and for her to say YES!

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