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July 1, 2011


Happy 4th of July!

Hope your 4th of July is a BLAST!

Are you getting married on the 4th of July, or a holiday weekend?¬† Know in AZ it will be HOT, so drink plenty of water, have umbrellas/parasols/individual fans for each guest if they will be outside for any part of your wedding.¬† Holidays may lead to overbooked flights, crowded airports, and delayed luggage.¬†¬†Have your wedding party and family plan ahead when¬†booking their flights, and don’t take the¬†last flight of the day, since if there are cancellations earlier that day,¬†their flight may be delayed, and they may miss the wedding!¬†

Be thankful we live in America, land of opportunity!

God bless the USA!

Whatever you do today, with your family and friends celebrate YOU and everything you are!

FUN 4th of July Facts:
– Many of us cookout to celebrate the 4th of July!
– Favorite traditional foods are ribs, hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, potato salad, chips and watermelon.
– There’s a 1-in- 6 chance the beef on your grill came from Texas, the leader in production of cattle and calves.
– The chicken on your grill probably came from Georgia, Arkansas, Alabama, North Carolina, or Mississippi.
– The lettuce in your salad or on your hamburger was probably grown in California, which accounts for 3/4 of the USA lettuce production.
– Fresh tomatoes in your salad most likely came from Florida or California, which, combined, produced more than 2/3 of the US tomatoes.
– The ketchup on your hamburger or hot dog probably came from California, which accounted for 95% of the processed tomato production last year.
– The potato salad or potato chips or fries are probably from Idaho or Washington, which produces about 1/2 of the nation’s spuds.
– Favorite dessert on the 4th is watermelon. Arizona, California, Florida, Texas, Indiana, and Georgia combined to produce about 80% of watermelons last year.

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