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January 1, 2010
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Happy New Year!!!

Have you made your New Year’s resolution yet?¬†

¬†Maybe you “don’t do resolutions”…

Stop procrastinating, and DO NOW what you have put off for “tomorrow”!

Whatever your choice, have an incredible 2010!!!

Here are some ideas for you…
* Fill in your own resolution…make a difference in your life and someone else’s life (lives) today!!!

  * Reduce stress Рtoo much can take its toll both mentally and physically Рdo something for you!

* Golden rule – treat others the way that you would like to be treated – karma, my friend!

* Exercise/lose weight/eat healthier Рover 66% of Americans are considered overweight or obese.  Regular exercise is associated with more health benefits than anything else!  Change your diet since you are what you eat

* Get organized – clean off your desk, recycle, purge, and declutter your life!

* Enjoy life more – (you fill in your own blanks – what is it that will make YOU happier?)

* Help others Рvolunteer to help at your church/temple, local schools, and/or a charity, shelter, or an organization you believe in Рit is in giving that we truly receive!

* Simplify – simple living is a lifestyle characterized by minimizing – recycle, ask “do you really need that”…

* Learn something new or make a commitment to do that “one thing” you always wanted to – have you vowed to learn a new language or expand your education to take it “up a level or two”?

* Get out of debt – join the millions of Americans who have resolved to spend this (more…)

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