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November 13, 2010


On stage with David Tutera after Sound Check.

Was an honor, as the ABC Annual Conference 2010 Chair, to host 343 wedding planners from 6 continents at the Association of Bridal Consultants Annual Conference in Phoenix, Arizona at the Arizona Grand Resort.

Working with worldwide designer, David Tutera, was an added plus!  Photo from and handpainted mural from Melody Salamo from Art Couture.

David asked¬†me to introduce him with “the voice of God”, no pressure, right!

August 26, 2009


Saddened today, as the entire world witnesses flags at half mast, and we say goodbye to Senator Edward Kennedy, and a family who has been through so many tragedies, and has profoundly shaped what we know as American politics over the past half-century.

The first memory I have of my mom crying (1 of 2 times in my life) was when she was watching a documentary about President John Kennedy’s death.¬† I wasn’t alive when he was shot.¬† It has always been amazing to me how anyone would want to kill a President, and especially President Kennedy.

Everything replayed in my mind this morning when I read the front page of the newspaper, as if I were a little girl watching my mom cry watching the documentary… the motorcade, the gun shot, President Kennedy leaning over, Jackie by his side, the hospital, the death, the funeral, the reports, potential coverup, etc…to this day it is one of the most traumatic parts of history I remember effecting me, next to 9/11/01.

I remember watching Camelot with awe and trying to figure out how the Kennedy’s and Camelot were linked.¬† Being older and wiser, I now understand.¬† I always wanted to be “rescued” by a Sir Lancelot…and feel like I have that and more with my husband Steve of 19+ years of marriage.

For my 6 year old daughter, Alexa, I wish her everything in the world that I had, yet a million times better.¬† It is that unconditional love you “inherit” when you become a mother, just talked to my BFF, Mirinda about that this past Monday!

My mom died 16 years ago, and am so sad since Alexa never got to meet my mom, since she is 6 years old.¬† One month before my mom died, my mom asked me “where is that baby girl, where is that grandbaby”.¬† I acknowledged her comment, but dismissed the thought, since¬† the doctors said I would never be able to have children because of a medical condition.

Imagine how I felt when the doctors confirmed my pregnancy 9 years later, confirmed it was a girl, and¬† told me my daughter would “not be healthy”… then to have a healthy baby girl…with God’s grace, we have beat the odds again!

I am sharing this with you today to empower you to live each day like it were your last, and treat people the way you would like to be treated.¬† The golden rule is what I try to live by.¬† Alexa (my daughter), mommy wishes you love, laughter, and happiness, and want for you a world which is so much better than where it is right now…love you to the moon and back a million plus times!¬† There isn’t a day that doesn’t go by where I know you have graced my life by making me a better person, and wanting to make a difference, all because of you!¬† So glad the Tooth Fairy came twice this month, and can’t wait for many more adventures with you and daddy!

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