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Gown Selection Tips
  1. Make an appointment with a bridal shop and ask to work with their most reputable and knowledgeable sales person.  
  2. Ask how much time you need to schedule for the appointment.  (If you walk in, there may be other brides who have appointments, and you may not get a dressing room quickly, or serviced.)
  3. Wear clothing which is easy to slip in and out of since you will be changing clothes.
  4. Bring a strapless bra.
  5. Show the bridal shop the gowns you are like.
  6. Be flexible -- there may be a gown you see on the hanger or you have in the "absolutely not" category, but when you try it on, it may be just the one for you!
  7. Ask the bridal shop manager if there is a gown they have in the store which would look incredible on your body type, and try it on!
  8. Do not buy a dress you have not physically seen or tried on, unless you may return it for a refund!
  9. Invite your mom, and a few other besties with you which you trust to be honest with your selection, and know your vision.
  10. Find out the store's policies regarding payments, refunds, cancellations, alterations and pressing.
  11. Find out what you are getting for the price you are paying.
  12. Get a detailed quote in writing with pricing.
  13. Get a detailed quote in writing of your alteration costs with pricing.

Full Figured

  • a strapless style allows a larger woman to show some skin, but offers a decent amount of coverage
  • a gathered skirt flow from an empire waist camouflages a fuller figure

Pear Shaped

  • a v-neck adds sexiness without revealing too much
  • an a-line silhouette is figure flattering


  • a higher neckline elongates a small frame
  • petite women tend to be short-waisted, so a dress with spaghetti straps makes it easy to alter
  • gowns need to be the right length, so make sure the gown you get looks great when it is shortened

Top Heavy

  • the sharp angle of the v-neck minimizes the roundness of the bust
  • wide straps conceal a supportive undergarment
  • a seamless waist helps shape a big busted girl
  • a well-cut strapless top with boning helps support a larger chest


  • a box pleated skirt is a hip way to accommodate a growing tummy
  • a crisscross bodice help diminish bust size
  • a straight neckline is best to accommodate a large chest
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