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Award Winning Photography AZ & Worldwide! Tell your story in a way that makes you laugh, makes you cry, and takes your breath away.
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Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Photographers

  1. Preview samples of the photographers work on their web site.
  2. Call or email to check availablilty for your wedding date.
  3. Schedule an appointment to meet the photographer(s) in person.
  4. When scheduling the meeting, share the types of photos you love from their website.
  5. Request to meet with the photographer(s) who photographed the images you love.
  6. Write down the name(s) of the photographer(s) available to photograph your wedding.  
  7. Will you have 1 photographer, or 2 photographers?  If there are 2, confirm both will be photographing, vs. one being an assistant.  
  8. Are they using digital or do they use film?
  9. What do they feel best describes their photographic style?
  10. Who will be retouching and editing your wedding photos?  How much is included, vs. extra?
  11. What is included in your photography package for the price quoted, and get this in writing with any extras.
  12. How many hours of coverage are included, what is the price for overtime?
  13. How soon will you be able to see images from your wedding?  
  14. Will you be able to share an online gallery of your photos with your family and friends?
  15. How long will the online gallery be up online?
  16. If ordering an album, will there be a penalty if you do not place your final order by "x" date?
  17. Get deadlines of delivery of proofs, online previewing, albums, loose prints, etc. in writing so you are not receiving your photographs a year after the wedding date!
  18. Are engagement photo sessions included? This is a great way for you and the photographer to get to know each other's style and personality.
  19. Do you want albums included in your package?  If so, it is normally best to negotiate these into your package price prior to the wedding date.
  20. Will they give you a timeline with specifics on when the bride, groom, wedding party, and immediate family need to be and where for photos?
  21. What is their payment, refund, cancellation and change of date policy?

Photography Checklist

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