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Y-Knot Flowers
Superior quality & attention to detail makes your dream wedding a reality!
1127 W. Main, Mesa
(480) 967-4495

Choosing a Wedding Florist

  1. Preview their work online.
  2. Call or email to check availability for your wedding date.
  3. Schedule a meeting with the floral designer who will be working with you on your wedding day.
  4. Who will be ordering, designing, and ordering your flowers?
  5. Who will be transfering your flowers from your ceremony to your cocktail reception, then to your dinner and dance?  Repurpose to get the most use for your florals. 
  6. What is the final date for changes to your counts for centerpieces, bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, etc.?
  7. Will they make a sample centerpiece or bouquet once you have given a deposit and signed a contract?
  8. What is their payment, refund, cancellation, and change of date policy?
  9. Will they assign someone to pin on all the personal flowers, or leave them in a box for someone else to handle?
  10. What do they recommend based on your style and date of your wedding for the type of flower(s) in season?
  11. Do they use locally grown florals, berries, and citrus to save you money on transportation cost?
  12. What containers would you be able to rent vs. buy?
  13. At the end of the night, how much would they charge to come back to pick up the rentals (unless you are able to leave items overnight for the next business day)?
  14. How many weddings will they take on your same wedding day?
  15. Do they have a minimum you have to spend in order to book with them?

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